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Make the UMTS future with us!

Solutions for UMTS

Staying up to date with the current trends in the mobile industry we offer development and consulting services in UMTS 3G mobile networks. With the release of 3G phones there are many new possibilities which should be implemented.

We are working with:

  • 3G mobile video streaming, coding
  • 3G audio streaming and recording
  • 3G client-server applications
  • 3G server solutions and uploading tools

Please find some examples below and contact us for more details.

Cheap calls software

Interface for VOIP calls Interface for interaction with VOIP servers and making cheap calls was implemented. Solution for Symbian, Android and Blackberry. Calls monitoring, custom calling number change, VOIP server interaction implemented.

GPS Shopping

Shopping reminder depends on the location GPS Shopping is a shopping guide  with notifications about goods at nearby shops depending on your position. GPS positioning, coordinates sending to server, displaying the received data implemented.

3GP Video Menu

The solution allows the user to make a video that can be played on all 3G phones. The video can be used also as a video menu.

Application Installer

Automation tool for software installation after the phone first boot.

Speech to video

Tool for automatic conversion of the audio speech into the animated video of man talking for a mobile video portal.

RSS Feed Application

Application that downloads and views RSS feeds on the mobile screen.

XML Menu templates 3GP Menu for 3GP portal

Tool for the automation of the menu creation in the mobile portal.

Video Gateway

Video Gateway that converts different video and audio formats.

Conferencing tool

Client-Server tool that schedules conferences and triggers a conference at the time scheduled.

Solutions for UMTS Videocalls

The broadband possibilities of UMTS open new ways of data transmission. A video call is going to replace the audiocall in the near future. We develop solutions for videocalls.

Mobile Content Portal: Easy to Use and Practical

Customers of 3G-Generation surf the web from mobile and download many data from web. To have a content portal with nice menu and downloadable content is a must in the world of 3G.

CEBIT Exhibition Planner

Mobile Exhibition planner for Symbian phones.

Latest news
SV for iOS already available

The new 2012 starts with the release of the new version of Secure Voice for iOS. Now there is a possibility to hold secure voice calls on your iPhones, iPads and iPods. Request for a free demo right now.

Secure Voice 3G: P2P and server

We are happy to announce the new version of SV 3G that may connect both point-to-point and over the secure communication server. Beta testers are using this software in different networks now.

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